Gulf Islands Horse Association


We are GIHA!  GIHA is a grassroots group of Salt Spring Islanders with a passion for all things equestrian. We have formed a BC registered non-profit Society to raise funds towards the purchase of property for a public equestrian recreation centre. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive riding centre with indoor and outdoor riding arenas, trails, and boarding stables that will be run by and for the residents of the Gulf Islands community. All disciplines related to equestrian activities will be welcome.

GIHA's mandate is to promote lifelong education, good sportsmanship and ethical environmental practices, all within the realm of equestrian activities. 

The public riding centre will offer subsidized riding lessons and equestrian activities for lower income families. 

We are committed to promoting and preserving the sport of horseback riding on Salt Spring Island. BC

How you can help:


--> We are currently fundraising and are able to give charitable receipts via Sport BC under tax #P363.

Some potentially suitable properties have been identified on Salt Spring and we are working on collecting funds for a down payment.

Our goal is to raise $500,000!

1. Help us FUNDRAISE.

2. Make a DONATION!

3. Become a GIHA MEMBER.


5. TALK to us about your ideas!

Board members


Jacky Cooper

Vice Chair

Christine Steffich


Kahsia Hartwell


Laura Pearce

Executive Board Members

Becky Mason

Kathleen Collins

Patricia Lockie